“Sometimes, an experience is so rewarding, so beyond your expectations, that it's almost divine. My visit to Ebenezer's Pub in Lovell, Maine, was one of those experiences... (Read more)" - United Nations of Beer

“I am very pleased to say that I was lucky enough to make it to this hidden gem in Lovell, Maine... The food was excellent, the service was second to none, and the owner (Chris) may be one of the most generous and down to earth people I have ever met. (Read more)"

"The food was excellent, ranging from appetizers to pub fare to entrees. Fresh ingredients, well-prepared, and reasonably priced. While there's no kids' menu, our waitperson said the kitchen could make anything the kids wanted… I can't rate Ebenezer's highly enough. It is a must stop if you're in the area, but I would also consider it a destination for any beer lover. (Read more)"

"This place really does live up to the hype. My girlfriend and I flew from Chicago to Maine for the weekend just to come here, and it was worth it. Chris and Jen are great hosts, and Chris is an amazing wealth of knowledge and recommendations. The food is great, much better than ordinary pub food, and of course, a better beer selection than you’ll find anywhere else. Plus, everyone there is friendly and helpful. If you like good beer and are anywhere near the area, or if you really like good beer and aren’t anywhere near the area, you need to go. (Read more)"

“Truly an experience like none other… I am a professional brewer in Vermont [and] this was my first time at Ebenezer's. Owner, Chris was busy grilling all night but made plenty of time to willingly come out and talk to us about his beers with some generous sampling sessions. Chris' knowledge about each specific beer is astounding. A friendly and warming family atmosphere from the moment we arrived. I give Ebenezer's 5's across the board but above the ratings was the service and fun factor, both of which were off the charts. For real beer lovers, Ebenezer's is very much worth the traveling no matter where you are coming from….his is the best beer bar in America!!!! (Read more)"

"Just got back from this place and it was a once in a lifetime experience for me. Great one on one service from Chris, the owner, who can talk beer with the best of them. He lined up a few tasters as well as a few (true) one of kind beers. It was a great way to spend 2 hours over a meal and world class beer with family and friends...They went out of the way (way out of they way) to serve my group(8) and let my kids play on the swingset with Chris' daughter. So the service gets better marks than 5 for me. (Read more)"

"Fantastic. I was there last night with my girlfriend, and we had a blast. We drove across the state to get there, got in a car accident and it was well worth all of that! Chris and Jen are both wonderful people… Killer brews on tap and a killer bottle list, I’m astonished and look forward to going back many times. (Read more)"

"Chris and Jen Lively make you feel like family almost immediately and you can not help but relax and enjoy the fine beers and company. (Read more)"

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“A+” - Beer Avocate

“World Class. 5 Stars.” - RateBeer.com

"People come from all over, even from the West Coast, just to sample the selection here. Devotees have been known to plan vacations around a trip to Ebenezer’s. It is no wonder the place has been named the No. 1 bar, beer restaurant, and beer destination in the world by the likes of Beer Advocate magazine and RateBeer.com.... (Read more)" Boston Globe.

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