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It's like you died and went to Belgium

Sure you can order a Budweiser here. But if you did, you’d be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

We have 35 beers on tap—mostly Belgian. And over 1000 bottled beers of many different vintages in our cooler and cellar.

If you’ve never had Belgian beer, you’re in for a treat. Beer is to Belgium as wine is to France. They take it very seriously. Once you’ve tasted it, you will too.

Featured on Tap

These are just some of the fine Belgian Beers we have featured on tap. 
Give us a call if you'd like to know what is currently available.

Black Albert: World’s #1 beer
Cantillon Kreik 2006: Extremely Rare Cherry Lambic, Very Tart and Complex!
Balthazar: Belgian Strong Ale Brewed with Coriander, Ginger, and Cardamom!!!
Goliath Tripel: Delicious Belgian Triple!
Cantillon Rose Grambinus: Sour Beer Made with Rasberries, Sweet & Tart!!
Het Kappitel Abt: Strong Belgian Quad!
Les Deux Brassiers: Allagash De Proef Collaboration
Oude Beersel Framboise: A delicious raspberry lambic
Tsmije Dubbel: Burning Johns Abbey Style Dubbel!
Scaldis Noel: Strong Belgian Winter Ale at 12%!
Avec Les Bon Veux: Belgian Blond, A True Masterpiece!
Cantillon Framboise 2006: Tart Funky Raspberry beer from The Mecca!
Stone 2005 Double Bastard: Classic American Strong Ale
Val Dieu Triple: Delicious Belgian Triple
Baladin Nora: Egyptian Inspired Brew Spiced with Ginger, Myrh, and Orange Peel...Very Complex!
120 Minute IPA: 21% ABV IPA! Limit 1 per  person!
Bruegel Amber Ale: Malty and lightly sweet, yet Crisp!
Echt Kreikenbier: Felmish red with Cherries!
Smuttynose Scotch Style Ale: Dark, Sweet, and Malty Scotch Ale!
Fedelta: A nicely done brew from Allagash
Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout: A Must Have Imperial Stout Hailing From Northern California!
Ichtegem Grand Cru: Flemish Oude bruin/Red
Abbey De Forest: A Sweet Blonde with Crisp Flavours and Spices                                   
Hercule Stout: Belgian Style Russian Imperial Stout Packed with Flavor!
Brooklyn Intensified Coffee Stout: American Double Stout That Lives Up To Its Name
Bacchus: Ale made with Sour Cherries! Yum!
De Ranke Pere Noel: Hoppy XMAS ale from the Sheltons!
Ertveld: Beautifully Crisp Belgian Wit
Hopsinjoor: A Traditional Belgian IPA brewed by Gouden Carolus!!
Brooklyn Blunderbuss Old Ale: Hoppy, Sweet, Strong Ale From Garret Oliver!!
Fullers London Pride: English Pale Ale. The Real Deal!
Old Crustacean: American Barleywine with  Sweet Malt and Bitter Hops at  11.3%
Smutty Wheat Wine 2008: A Very Strong Beer made with Wheat!
Samiclaus Helles: 14% ABV! Limit one!
Stella Artois: Belgian Classic

Belgian Bottled Beers

Trappist Ales

Did you know that there are only 6 Trappist onasteries left in the world that produce rare authentic trappist beers?

Chimay Premere
Chimay Grand Reserve
Achel Bruin
Chimay Cinq Cents
Achel Blond
Chimay Doree
Achel Extra (QUAD)
Chimay Rouge,Cinq Cents
Westmalle Tripel                     
Trappist Rochforte 8
Westmalle Double 
Trappist Rochforte 10
Westmalle Triple  
Koningshoven Quadruple 2004
Westmalle Extra
Koningshoven Boch

Abby Ales

Did you know that small monasteries without enough monks to brew, license their recipes out to small artisianal breweries to brew their beers for them?

St. Bernardus Abt 12
St. Bernardus  60th
St. Bernardus Prior 8 25
Bornem Triple
St. Bernardus Triple
Bornem Double
St. Bernardus Prior 8
Des Rocs Bruin
Watou Tripe
Des Rocs Tripel Imperial
Ename Triple
Des Rocs Grand Cru
Grimbergen Blond
Pater Lieven
Grimbergen Dubbel
Kasteel triple
Augustijn Tripel
Kastell Bruin 11%
Abbey St. Bon Chein
Kapittel Abt

Artisianal Ales

Did you know that small hand crafted Belgian ales are among the world's best beers?

Tsmije Blond
Pirrat 10.5%
Tsmije Dubbel
Lucifer  8.5%
Gulden Drak 10.5% 
La Chouffe
BBBourgandier 12%
Mc Chouffe
Bier Du Boucanier 11%
Double Engien Blond
Pannepeut Danish version
Scaldis 12%
Nostradamus (Brown Ale)
Bink Bloessam
La Binchoise Reserve
Stuisse Witte
Bink Bruin
Duvel Golden ale
La Biere des Collins Saison
Bezelbuth 13%


Floris Appel
Hanssens Oude Geuze
Hanssens Oude Kriek
Hanssesns Oudbeitje
3 Fonteinen (schaereekse) Kreik
De Ranke Kreik
St. Louis Peche
St. Louis Framboise
3 Fonteinen Hommage
Lindemans Framboise
Lindemans Cassis
Lindemans Peche
Lindemans Peche
Lindemans Framboise
Lindemans Pomme
Lindemans Gueze
Lindemans Cuvee Rene
2004 Cantillion Iris
Cantillion Geuze
Cantillion Bruecsella
Cantillon Kreik
Cantillion Rose Grambinus
Cantillion Fou Foune
Cantillion Lou Pepe Framboise
Cantillion Cuvee de Champ
Cantillion St. Lamvinus
Gueze Girardin 1882


Zinne Bier
Thiriez Extra
Thiriez Blonde
La Bavaisienne
De Proef Flemish Primitive
De Proef KO
De Proef Slaapmutske
Kerst Pater
Saison Voison
Duchesse De Bourgogne
Dupont Saison
Dupont Moinette
Dupont Foret
Gulden Drak 10.5%
Vapeur Folie 8%
Vapeur Cochonne 8%
Bier de Miel
Fantome Saison
Fantome Printemps
Fantome Ete
Fantome Chocolate
Fantome Hiver
Fantome Bris Bon Bons
Fantome La Gourmande
Fantome Noel 10%
Fantome Strange Ghost
Brasserie de Blauges La Moneuse
Brasserie de Blauges Darbuste
Nice Chouffe 2006
La Chouffe
Houblon Chouffe
Delerium Tremens
Delerium Nocturnum
Delerium Noel
De Glazen Toren Jan De Lichte
De Glazen Toren Winter Canaster
De Glazen Toren Ondineke
De Glazen Toren Saison Erpe Mere
De Ranke XX Bitter
De Ranke Guldenberg
De Ranke Pere Noel
De Ranke Cuvee
Gouden Carolus Triple
Gouden Carolus Ambrio
Gouden Carolus Noel
Gouden Carolus 2006 Cuvee de Keizer
St. Feullien
De Graal
Sans Cullottes
Val Dieu Triple
Val Dieu Blonde
Urthel Hop It
Urthel Bok
Kerkom Bink Triple
Kerkom Bink Blonde


Canada's Great Belgian Style Brews

Terrible 2004
Ephemere Cassis
Quelque Chose
Edition 2005


Unique beers from a Small, World Class Brewery

Oerbier (Fall Beer)
Teve (Mad Bitch)
Stille Nacht 2006 (Winter Beer)
Ara Bier (Summer Beer)
Bos Keun  (Spring Beer)
Special Extra Stout 9%
2005 Oerbier Reserva


Italy’s Premier Brewery

Super Baladin
Nora Sour
Baladin Sour


Amstel Light: Netherlands
St. Paulis Girl N/A: Germany
Heineken: Netherlands
Corona: Mexico
Uerige Sticke: Germany
Urbock 23: Austria
Uerige Doppelsticke: Germany
Sami Claus: Austria
Sami Claus Helles: Austria
Katja: Finland
Pilsner urquel: Czech
Hitachiano Nest: Japan
Gose: Germany
Ettaler Kloster Dunker: Germany
Ettaler Curator Doppelboch: Germany


St. Peters English Ale
JW Lees Manchester Star
Ridgeway Bitter
Moorhouse Black cat
Special London Ale
PendlesWitches Brew
Fraoch Heather ale
Scullsplitter Orkney ale
JW Lees Moonraker
Youngs Old Nick
McEwans Scotch Ale
Traquair Jacobite
Traquair House Ale
JW Lees Harvest 2004: Matured in Calvados, Sherry, or Port Casks


Nogne-O Horizen
Nogne-O Winter
Nogne-O Porter
Nogne-O Imperial Stout
Mikkler Black Hole
Mikkler Big Worse Barley
Mikkler Santas Little Helper
Mikkler Stateside IPA
Mikkler Black Stout
Mikkler Beer geek Breakfast
Haand Bryggiert Dark Force


ST.Peters IPA
Mikkler Stateside IPA
North Bridge Extreme


Sierra Nevada Stout: USA
Orkney Brewery Dragonhead: UK
Troubador Obscura 8.5%: Belgium
De Dolle Special Export Stout:  Belgium
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout: UK
Rogue’s Shakespeare Stout: USA
Buffalo Stout: Belgium
La Biere desCollines Hercules: Belgium
Dieu du Ciel Peche Mortal: Canada
T’Smisje Catherine the Great: Belgium


Meantime London Porter: UK
Meantime Coffee Porter: UK
D Carnegie Porter: Sweden
Anchor Porter: San Fransisco, CA
Sierra Nevada Porter: Chico, CA
Nogne O Porter: Scandinavia
Haand Bryggiert Norse Porter: Denmark
Olfabrikken Porter: Scandinavia
Norrebro Skaargaards Porter: Denmark


George Gales 2002 Jubilee
George Gales 1997 Old Prize Ale
A Le Coq’s 1999 Imperial Stout
JW Lees Harvest 1988
JW Lees Harvest 1989
JW Lees Calvados 2004
Aventinus 2001
Vapeur Cochonne 1996
Saison De Pipaix  1995
Sinebrychoff  Porter 2000
Sinebrychoff  Porter 2000
D Carnegie 1997 2006
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot 1995- 2007
Anchor XMAS OSA 1995-2007


Big Chouffe Magnum 2005
Big Chouffe Magnum 2006
Augustijn Magnum
Saxo Blond Magnum
Leute Bok Magnum
Wostyntje Mustard Magnum
Vuvve  Magnum
Vapeur Cochonne Grosse Magnum
Gulden Drak Magnum
Pirrat Magnum
Samiclaus 14% 2006 Jeroboam
Val Dieu Triple Methusaleh
Val Dieu Grand Cru Methusaleh
Maudite Methusaleh
St Feulliens Triple Salmanzar
1999 Guodenbond


Rogue Hazelnut Brown
Rogue Mocha Porter
Rogue Brutal Bitter
Rogue Shakespeare Stout
Southhampton Abbot 12
Southhampton Grand Cru
Dogfish Head Château Jiahu
Dogfish Head 120 min IPA
Anchor Steam
Anchor Porter
Anchor Liberty
Anchor OSA
Sam Adams
Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Porter
Sierra Nevada Stout
Sierra Nevada Anniversary


We pretty much offer them all too!