The restaurant business is in our blood. Together, we have over 30 years of food and beverage experience. When we decided it was time to open our own place, we scoured the country for the perfect place to build our dream. When we came to Lovell, Maine we knew we had found it.

bout us
From the day we bought Ebenezer’s Pub in 2004 we wanted to build something special. We wanted to bring the best beers in the world to one of the most beautiful places in the world. We wanted to provide great food at affordable prices. We wanted to create a unique atmosphere that creates a bridge between the wooded mountains of Maine and the cobbled streets of old Belgium. That atmosphere is created as much by our exceptional wait staff as it is by the authentic Belgian beer décor that covers every inch of our walls.
We started small with five beer taps and an old bar that we inherited. Today we have over 35 beers on tap—mostly Belgian—and a beautiful hand-crafted bar designed and build by a local artisan. Behind the bar we have a custom glass beer cooler with hundreds of the world’s best beers ready for your enjoyment. We also have an extensive beer cellar with what is one of the most unique collections in the world—over 1000 bottled beers of many different vintages, many of which can be found nowhere else. We’ve also created some very special events by teaming up with one of the most renowned brewers in all of Belgium—Destruise Brewers. And one of the best brew chefs in America, Sean Paxton.

We’re pretty happy with what we’ve built here. Very happy, actually. Which is why we did it all over again at our new brewpub, in Brunswick, Maine.

But that’s another story.
bout our name
Customers take one look at our name and the silhouetted figure on our sign and automatically assume the Ebenezer in question is Ebenezer Scrooge. But it isn’t.

The pub actually takes its name from George Ebenezar Kezar, a trapper from Canterbury, New Hampshire, who came to this area in 1766. Local lore has it that Ebenezer got in a wrestling match with a black bear. And this bear had attitude—unfortunately not as much as Ebenezer. Legend has it that Ebenezer killed the bear, but he lost one of his arms in the process. (He did, however, come away with one heck of a nice looking bear pelt.)

And if that wasn’t cause for a beer, we don’t know what is.

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